Hi! I have some good news about this blog! :) Probably you've noticed the little Portuguese flags at the beginning and at the end of each post. Well, they're direct links for The Bit Bang Theory blog's Portuguese twin brother: Teoria do Bit Bang :) .
When I started this blog I decided to write in english for several reasons:
  1. We no longer live in our street, village, city, country, etc. We live in a global world. With the evolution of Internet we now have access to things made on the other side of the world in a matter fo seconds;
  2. English is the universal language;
  3. Portugal is a really small country and I thought that the number of readers would be rather small;
  4. Most of the Portuguese people that are interested in the things written in this blog understand English pretty well.
However, after one year and a few months of blogging, after creating a Hackerspace with some friends, after knowing some more people with the same interests and after seeing that Portuguese people are the #2 readers of this blog (being people from the United States of America the #1) I decided to create a twin brother for this blog and embrace some new objectives:
  1. Provide technical information regarding robotics, electronics, computer science, etc. to Portuguese readers;
  2. Show some people that technical stuff doesn't happen only in universities and big companies, it can happen at home too, and it can happen here, in Portugal;
  3. Motivate others with the same interests to get into electronics, robotics, mechatronics, computer science, etc..
So, if you're Portuguese, from now on you can read this blog in your mother language :) If you're not, you can still read it in English. I hope this to be a good decision and a big step forward for this blog :) . 

Take care!

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