Hi there! My name is Mário Saleiro and I’m a 25-year-old portuguese PhD student at the Vision Laboratory at the University of the Algarve. My PhD focuses in cognitive robotics, with extra focus on the visual system.

Since I was a little kid I have always been fascinated with computers, machines and electronics. I loved to play with LEGOs and build stuff with it. Putting it all together, here I am today, still loving to build / create stuff, but now using computers, electronic circuits and some other tools (sorry LEGOs :\).

I have a BSc and an MSc in Electrical and Electronics Engineering with a specialization in Telecommunications and Information Technologies. My Master Thesis was called Active Vision for Cognitive Robot (pdf - written in portuguese, but has abstract in english).

My professional life resumes to research and development activities at the Signal Processing Laboratory (2008-2009) and teaching at the Electrical and Electronics Engineering Department (2009-2011) at the University of the Algarve. I’m also a member of the Institute for Systems and Robotics since 2009.
The blog’s title has a clear inspiration on the series “The Big Bang Theory” and was adapted to mean the creation of stuff using bits.

This blog will be about general things that I learn / do and might find useful and interesting to share with others. All constructive feedback and suggestions is highly appreciated. Some words that may describe my research interests are computer science, linux, robotics, mechatronics, electronics, programming and microcontrollers.

Feel free to contact me by email: masaleiro at ualg dot pt