Project Aurora

Hi! Once again some time has passed since my last post. I'd like to post more often but I've been having some busy days. This time I'm writing about a project I developed mostly with my friends and colleagues Gonçalo Pereira and Fábio Martins. The project was slowly developed from December of 2010 to May of 2011 for the event XXVI Semana Académica (26th Academical Week) of the University of the Algarve. The event consists in a full week of partying, with concerts from known portguguese and few international bands. Each course of the university gets a 3x3m tent to sell drinks and raise some money for trips or other purposes. For the Electrical and Electronics Engineering course that we were representing, we decided to make something that had never been done before in that event, something that people are not even used to see in typical bars and discos. Below you can see a video that we made about it, spoken in portuguese but with subtitles in english :).